Solo mum takes on Thailand- Day 3

So we’re in Phuket Thailand. Just the kids and I…. There are moments where I think “What the fuck was I thinking!?” And others where I’m much more relaxed as are the kids and we are enjoying our break.

Lately I’ve had a few family members question my choice of going to such a busy place especially with kids…. make it worse, my young kids. I must be honest and say this place is not exactly made for children. I’ve been here 3 days and finally seen the first set of traffic lights, other than that, crossing the road is like playing Russian Roulette. It’s party central here and theirs hustlers and every step. So I have to hold the kids really tightly.

People here are very friendly and clearly love children, especially my boys, there is not one shop that we go to that someone hasn’t tried to kiss one of them or tried to give them a hug.

It’s not something I or my boys are used to and I’m noticing them getting a little annoyed with the constant attention now. They’ve even learnt to say “No thank you!, immediately as someone approaches to sell us something, and won’t let anyone hold their hands!”

I think I scared the shit out of them, threatening child trafficking and kidnap, but as I wasn’t aware how busy it was here I felt a little blindsided and chose to protect the kids by telling them every horrible thing that could go wrong to keep them safe.

I have no regrets, my kids are innocent and from London,UK. They never needed to understand boundaries to this extent because British people would never attempt to kiss them or hold their hands…. (it be considered as some form of grooming instantly)….But here……They must understand it can be dangerous for them, even if it is their culture……..

Yesterday was our first full on blue sky day and OMG it was by far the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. I feel like this is also a religious venture for me as I genuinely sit down thinking….

“Wow God!, You did this…..You created this beauty!”

I feel blessed and with every waking moment it reminds me that I have yet again given my children an experience they will never forget. If I prematurely departed this world, this would be something they looked back on and remembered me for and I feel honoured to have given them this experience.

As I suffer with pretty severe anxiety, I must admit it’s a little wild here for me so if finances permit I am going to look into staying on another island for a few days, a little more picturesque and relaxing just to ensure I can take the edge of the anxiety.

In the meantime here’s some snaps of us:

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  1. Happy Holidays. Stay safe and make memories.

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  2. Elizabeth says:

    What a brave and wonderful trip to take with the kids. I love the baby elephant getting a bath.

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