How I Created 2 Additional Incomes As A Single Mum

Hey Lovely People,

Happy New Year!!!

2019 had been only what I can call a transformation season. A season of growth and a lot of hard work.

Now if you’ve been following me for quite sometime you’ll be aware of all the business ventures I’ve had over the last 4 years.

Now I won’t say it’s been many, but let’s be honest this blog was my very first business, a way of expressing myself whilst breastfeeding Mini Muffin and preparing for my ever pending journey down the road of single motherhood……

“There came a point where I just became overwhelmed with dissatisfaction of only what I would call tortoise progression”

I was making moves, but just not big moves. Back then, I fantasied about owning my own home, getting a new car and still having change in the bank. As the months passed by, I became even more frustrated with the fact nothing was happening. I had baby brain merged with anxiety and deep down I knew I’d have to do something drastic….so I did.

Without a business plan I watched a few YouTube videos and went to a weekend seminar on business, I then followed up my efforts by reading a couple blogs and then ‘BAM!!!’ Within 3 weeks I’d set up my company.

Having two businesses was never the plan but as time went on I realized I could develop it further.

Many people ask why I’ve kept my day job if I have additional incomes? And well, to be honest the truth is…..I like my day job, I literally worked my way up in bands until I reached managerial position, I mean seriously, I wasn’t the smartest cookie in the jar but I am exceptionally driven and once I set my mind to something I work hard until I achieve it. I even used my increase in salary to fund my projects starting with training to become a Lactation Consultant.

“To start a business I needed cash and to receive that I needed to invest in myself….”

Back in 2015 I began building my brand “Rosebuds” starting with this blog, gaining followers and interest. After 2 years of blogging I became a Lactation Consultant and used that very said name “Rosebuds” as my company name…. See where I’m going with this?

Interest was slow to start with, I was new and dare I say it……Inexperienced…. As time went by I started to pick up more private clients and this has remained steady since.

I’m not overly busy like others in my field but that’s because I am equally committed to my day job, I enjoy them both even if my private practice is far more lucrative.

By the spring of 2019 I’d had an idea. I was laying in bed thinking about how I could further increase my income. We weren’t completely struggling and I was making just about enough but equally having some months that were shorter than others. I mean being under 30 with three kids to support is no joke! Not to mention, if you’re UK based, you equally know the benefit system is flawed. The more money you earn the less help you get.

Therefore you’re left with 2 options (or at least I was left with these options):

1. Quit working and get supported by the government

2. Make even more money….

The day I created my company I had no real plan I just knew I wanted a company that I could build and I didn’t fancy the idea of just being self employed, as I knew I wanted to expand one day. I entered a pitching competition for funding and came in as runner up, I should have been happy about that achievement, but to be honest, if anything it forced me to look at my business again and at that point I realized I needed a product, something I could sell without even leaving the comfort of my bed. I challenged myself; played with the idea and questioned…”How can I make money in my sleep?”

“How can I create something for my target market that’s in line with my brand as a Blogger and Consultant? “

The Rise of Rosebuds Aroma

I’d taken some time off of work and within this season began extensive research…

Did I want to source products abroad and sell them through Drop-shipping? Or did I want to create my own products and sell them myself?

I decided to create my own products starting with one candle prototype.

From that one prototype, ideas developed and I was like a kid in a sweet shop, purchasing supplies! More ideas flooded to mind until I had created a whole product range.

It took a complete 6 months from conception to launch with quite a few changes along the way to ensure my products were compliant. I designed my own labels and sourced my own suppliers to keep costs low.

The kids got so used to watching me make candles on the weekends that Shamaya (eldest kid) started to get involved this is now a nice little pocket money earner for her too.

Once we launched we’d thankfully sold out on all our products and instantly made a profit.

Could it really be that easy? To create something that others want and sell it?

The answer is NO! It’s not that easy and I don’t wanna sell you a dream, but, with the right business model and understanding of your product and market you can at least start on a level playing field.

Since we launched, we’ve had steady sales across my platforms, this blog included.

This in conjunction with my private practice, has taught me about the importance of having a brand and using your brand to your advantage.

But, most of all I’ve learnt how to hustle smarter. I’ve understood that even if I make £1 profit it’s a gain and not a loss. It’s £1 more that I started off with. In saying that I’ve also learnt, that the £1 profit needs to have the potential to grow and multiply because your time is equally (if not more to some) as valuable as money and you deserve to be compensated for it.

I genuinely believe that it’s better to take a risk and fail then never try at all. I have no regrets and this has been far from easy.

I’m not Lucky…. I am driven!

I’ve acknowledged that I’m an Entrepreneur, I genuinely love developing new things, coming up with ideas and seeing the finished product.

I love the balance of being a single mother and business woman. Granted it has it’s tough days but this the hustle….This “grind” that the kids see me do is not in vain.

I predict my children will do exceptionally well in life, I see a future for them that I only ever dreamed of at 16 and pregnant. The possibilities are now endless. I created this reality through dedication and determination to achieve something great for them.

Tips when considering a new business venture

  • Choose something that you have an interest or passion in

There is nothing worse then working and hating your job. Make sure that if your going to pursue or sell something you actually believe in it. Your customer will be far more interested in your product if you show that your are.

  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help

If things are difficult or challenging its OK to ask for help, join Facebook or Networking groups in relation to your project or interest. You’d be surprised how many people have asked your question and experienced the very same issues you have. These individuals are often willing to offer advice and solutions for FREE.

  • Remain Positive and Motivated

I have realized that emotional turmoil affects my progression, if my head isn’t in the game its very hard to attract cash. When I have one client I make a conscious effort to visualize that more clients NEED my services. I listen to motivational speeches and sermons and I take a moment to really focus on myself, the goals I have set and how I’m going to achieve them.

So for this year and Decade of 2020, I urge you to take a risk! I believe the graveyard is the richest place on the planet because it’s filled with our lost loved ones who had life changing ideas, goals, projects, inventions and plans that never made it to fruition. Don’t let this be yours!

Grab success by the balls and own it. It is your Birthright!

I hope that you all have a wonderful and prosperous new year filled with joy, happiness and success.

With Love – Mommyrosebuds xx

If you’d like to check out our Rosebuds product range then you can check out our brand new Etsy store or you can continue to purchase through this site.

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    It has been delightful to have been along for the ride as you expand into these two endeavors.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much! You have been such a great supporter of my work over the years and I couldn’t be more grateful xxx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Elizabeth says:

        You are very welcome. As I shared a long time ago my husband used to promote breast feeding in his job, so I felt a natural connection to you from the beginning. Also I spent 11 years as a single mom.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. erinshelby says:

    Happy New Year!


    1. Happy new year lovely xxx


  3. Extremely inspiring! No one lies when they say we’ll find a way to make our babies happy. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m telling you! We always find a way ❤️


  4. ReneeChelsea says:

    Talk about inspiration!! 🙌🏽🙌🏽

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Thanks for reading lovely xx

      Liked by 1 person

  5. yala says:

    This is very valuable! Thank you so much for this meaningful post. It is inspiring because you have an attitude of success, so it follows you. Many could learn from you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you soo much I’m glad you enjoyed the post! I will defiantly check out your blog x


      1. yala says:

        Thank you.


  6. Katherine says:

    Omg, you are such a wonderful person with a lot of courage and determination!
    This life journey is so messed up sometimes that we do not really get to understand the steps, we just have to stumble upon things and simply do things in our own way.
    I do not know you, but from what I have read in your rows, you are amazing and did a great job so far!

    Congrats on the business and kindly wish to you and your family all the best and a Happy New Year! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks soo much for stopping by and your kind words! Have a blessed week sweets xx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Katherine says:

        You are welcome!
        Thank you, may it be! 😀 ❤️


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