How to be Successful- YES and NO People

In life, there are 2 types of people who will surround you, whilst on your journey to acquire success…..

YESpeople and NO people-

Also known as Red Lightersor Green Lighters.

I feel this segment of How to be Successfulis really important because these are the people that are either going to push you to be successful or knock you resulting in failure or delay. Some intentionallyand some unintentionally but it happens. It’s a shame to say it but some of our biggest NO people are the people closest to us. Friends, parents, grandparents, spouses. Now, this is not because they don’t want the best for you, sometimes it’s just because they can’t see your vision the way you can. They may even have their own anxieties that they reflect on to you and they just cant quite see how your going to make it.

YESpeople are slightly different, they possess a ”Can Do” attitude and will always support your vision. YESpeople don’t need to be successful in wealth or knowledge to support or inspire you. These people carry an aura around them of positivity, they also tend to have a lot of faith in your vision being successful by respecting the journey”. They will tell you its going to be hard, may even criticize your method or route but they always end with suggestions, positivity and a way in which they can offer support.

NO people have the power tomanifest fears”in you that were not even a concern when you started your journey”

So, How do you combatNOPeople and attract YESPeople . This is simple….

INDENTIFY who is your RED LIGHTERand your GREEN LIGHTERthen learn how to use both of them to your advantage.

NOpeople tend to run on fear and anxiety but, if they genuinely love and care for you they think very practically about your methods. Whilst they can manifest fears and anxieties they will also prompt you to think more into your plans. This may result in your plan changing for the better. NO people can also be jealous and consciously or subconsciously notwant you to succeed so will tell you its a really bad idea and offer no alternatives or positivity. Its very hard to avoid these people if you don’t recognise who they are. My advise here would be to avoid telling everyone your plans because you cant always identify who is for youand who is against you. UseRed Lighterpeople to your advantage by proving them wrong!

YESpeople tend to run on positivity, harness this energy. Surround yourself with those who want the best for you and even if they don’t understand the plan…..They still support you because they BELIEVE IN YOU!

So with all that being said- Today I want you to have a think about who your REDLIGHTERS and GREEN LIGHTERS are in your life. Be completely honest with yourself, this isn’t a task to start calling people out but its important that you know who is in your circle whilst on your quest for success.

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  1. becmumma says:

    It is important to remember that the Redlighters can be helpful and help you change your plans for the better, thanks for highlighting that!

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    1. Absolutely! every negative can be turned into a positive x


  2. Truly, we need to be honest with ourselves if we want to grow. Nice piece.

    You can also review my article on this via


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