Forgiving The Human

So Jesus was 100% God and 100% man right?

I suppose that means he could do anything right? Well duh’ he’s God after all, but if he is also 100% human then that means that there are limitations. Fully God and Fully man must mean he was 100% human, possibly flawed by his human body. He felt pain…..Tiredness and he wept. He was human too.

It lead me thinking, if Jesus can be human and suffer like us mere humans then maybe just maybe I have far to much expectations and look for the God in everyone forgetting that we are human and flawed.

I was once jealous of a man and woman, a God fearing man and woman. She could quote bible verses off the end of her tongue within a second. I kinda wished I had her conviction and passion until one day her human side collided with my life. It collided with my life in such a way I lost my faith. The act of these two individuals had me turn my back on God, after all, how could he allow these two God fearing individuals the opportunity to hurt me so bad. They followed his word and this was the result!?

It took years, many years to understand that they are human, and humans are flawed, selfish, confused and relentless when they want something bad enough. People may find a way to refer back to the bible to justify their actions. But just because they can refer to quotes it doesn’t mean it’s right.


Forgiveness is a word used lightly and I must admit, I’ve thrown that word around and never really been honest with myself about my true feelings. I had to first accept the imperfections of us and understand that regardless of right and wrong we all are imperfect and flawed. Therefore we make mistakes, sometimes those mistakes hurt others in the process.

I’m still learning and growing. But, by accepting my flaws, it’s helping me to accept others flaws too. After all where all human…….


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