The Stubbornness of Mini Muffin

Ok to be fair he’s a cute, he can charm the pants off of anyone and has this… “Hey everyone, look at me, I’m freaking adorable…..give me attention” look on his face.

I mean heck when he talks he sings out every word. The definition of cuteness. He’d make someone that didn’t want kids seek out procreation methods!

He looks like an angel, sings like an angel but boy if he’s in a mood he certainly doesn’t act like an angel. I’d say this is definitely his personality and less of being a toddler (I mean he’s 4 he’s hardly a toddler any more)

Mini Muffin can be the biggest pain out of all the kids because he HATES to say sorry! Seriously! You would think you’ve asked him for blood, asked for a kidney! He’s soo reluctant to say sorry and it’s frustrating, more so because he’s just being defiant.

Mini Muffin would rather suffer a punishment then apologise when he’s clearly in the wrong.

Not so long ago …….The teacher told him to apologise for hitting his sister and if he did so he would be removed from time out…. this cheeky sod refuses….so fast forward another 5 minutes and he’s asked again to apologise. He then responds with…..

“I’m ok thanks, I’ll finish my time out!”

I mean, excuse me? At this moment I’ve walked out of the school hall along with the other staff and we’re hiding, cackling in fits of laughter, flabbergasted by his bright and brazen response.

It’s somewhat funny now but if this continues into teenage years.


Anyone else have that one stubborn kid?

-L x

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One Comment Add yours

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Every family needs one of those! We have two.


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