I’m Alive And It’s Beautiful

Today I woke up extremely tired, almost like I have done 10 rounds in a boxing match. So I get to this suburban area on my route to work and I don’t know why but I looked up towards the sky and just caught a glimmer of the sun beating off of the trees. Blue sky, winter morning, and it just so happened I had a motivation speech beginning so music playing in the background. As this occurred and all of a sudden I had this overwhelming sense of joy and gratefulness.

“I felt proud to have made it….. Proud to be here…..Happy to be alive”

The feeling lasted long enough for me to notice it was there and then in a flash it was gone. It wasn’t replaced by sadness or doom and gloom but more acknowledgment that I am allowing myself moments to experience beauty in all aspects of life.

It really surprised me considering I woke up with no joy, happiness or motivation today..

Has anything random like that happened to you where you have randomly felt overwhelmed with emotions over an overlooked beauty? Comment below would love to hear your experiences!

Leah x

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Yes. For sure. I call them moments of grace.

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    1. ❤️ honestly it’s wonderful x

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