The Launch of Rosebuds Aroma

It’s been a while, it’s been a long long while. It’s not like my usual case of disappearing due to writers block. I in fact have much to say, it’s just I’ve had very little time to do my more leisurely activities because well.

“Shamaya and I started a Business!!!!“

I am super excited to announce that we have launched our own product line of Aromatherapy Candles and Reed diffusers. The development of these products has taken 6 months in total but I’m at a point where I am honestly pleased with the outcome!

So…… Without delay, I would love for you all to check out my Etsy page.

I hope to share more of this crazy venture we have embarked on as mother and daughter and at the very least I hope it inspires you all to take risks and live life without regret.


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