When the Writer met the Writer

Both are committed to writing this story both accept that intimacy through words is exhilarating and somewhat enchanting

There’s an vulnerability that both must project to with the passion to flow. He must right paced and intense to Match her flow and she must regress to a broken woman to write in character. She must submit to pain and sadness to execute this piece.

The vulnerability of both flourished into smitten and transformed into an unbalanced love, but as writers do best they continue to write the story, in their minds, in their head, in their heart, in there prayers. Enchanting words and affirmations, reminders of being blessed

Fear for a writer is a terrible thing, fear has the power to write the ending of the story. As does stubbornness, ego, anger and pain, when this unwanted energy holds the pen it’s pours ink on the page an blocks creativity. Therefore two writers that began the story begin to write separate endings

The writers become blind and no longer see the enchantment in their union, so they let anger and pain hold the pen. Committed to seeing this story though, one adds a plot, one adds suspense. One adds pain and one adds anger

Ink ranging in thickness and colour dance upon the pages.

Writers like to end but who will end this story, which energy shall step forth for this.

One writer chose love. She let ego write, she let pain write, she let anger write therefore it was absolutely paramount that love fought its way through the ink, interweaving it’s pure white ink into the pages reminding the writing of what the story was meant to be…………

-L x

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