My heart lays with you

I have this overwhelming love for my children, this feeling of warmth and joy.

Amzah said,

“Mummy I love you and I will never ever let you go”

Usually I’m fighting for affection but ever since we got back from Thailand it’s like I’ve reconnected with them without even noticing that there was a prior dent in our connection.

I feel refreshed, but more so. I’m motivated and ready to kick ass in every aspect of my life.

I realised something though. There use to be this very selfish aspect of me that obsessed about success and constantly wanted to prove to myself and every nay sayer that I was capable of achieving anything regardless of being a single mum with 3 kids…..

But now…….

I feel less pressure to prove anything to myself and most certainly anyone else. After all, I’m not in a competition. Who could I possibly compete with?

Yep you guessed it……MYSELF.

Although, now I don’t need to, because I realised…..

That Two week trip in Thailand changed my life and redirected my heart back to these amazing children ❤️

I recommend every parent take a holiday with their children alone. It’s was by far the best thing I could have done!

Until next time

-L x

One Comment Add yours

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Isn’t it amazing what a gift you got from such a challenging trip. Well done, Mom.


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