Top Tips For Travelling Solo With kids

It’s no secret, I’ve been a single mum for years now, I’ve spent more time as a single mum then I have being in a relationship.

So as you do….. I decided to take my kids to the other side of the world alone to Thailand. Now I’m not going to pretend as though I put much thought into it…..other than that it was bat shit crazy but if I didn’t go somehow the world would stop spinning………

I was doing this for me! My sanity, and an experience with my children that they’d never forget!

So whilst away I thought about a few tips I wish I had before travelling with the kids alone. So lets get into it……..

Tip 1.

Carry toys!

This seems like a no brainer but actually… I think like a typical adult and convinced myself that they would be having so much fun that they wouldn’t need toys. How wrong was I?! The beach and pools entertained them but they really would have appreciated something from home.

Tip 2

Just because you want to do it doesn’t mean they do!

Now this is something I never considered. Now I thought that all our experiences in Thailand were amazing but, my kids will tell you…… they hated some of the excursions and really wanted to go home but nonetheless I forced them and they were not happy with me in the end.

Turns out Shamaya’s scared of Elephants and Amzah is cool to feed one but didn’t fancy being crushed by one! 🤦🏾‍♀️

Tip 3

Don’t get Eaten by a Tiger in front of your kids!

That shits just bad parenting guys I mean c’mon! The moment your 5 year old tells you it’s a bad idea…….. maybe, just maybe you should listen…….

Not one of my brightest moments 😂 on a plus note……. I enjoyed it!

Tip 4

Find Familia foods similar to what they are use to

My kids got fed up of eating Thai food after a while and started to complain. What can I say…..Pad Thai was cheap…….In the end, I ended up getting them pot noodles and jam sandwiches to keep them happy. Turns out 2 weeks on holiday Is like 2 years in kid years…….

Tip 5

Stay on a resort close to a hospital and insure yourselves up to your eyeballs.

I ended up really sick whilst I was away with a nasty infection which left me exhausted and bed bound for almost a week. Of course I took the kids down to the pool but I was stuck in a foreign country dosed up on medication that I managed to purchase over the counter with instructions in Thai. Of course I was insured but couldn’t be asked to go through the rig-moral of dealing with that if I could find my own treatment and get better quicker.

So that’s just the start of my tips I have more coming in the following posts so stay tuned !

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With love

-L x

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Angel Mbeks says:

    These are amazing tips, you’ve shared. Your such an inspirational mom


    1. Awww thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed


  2. Elizabeth says:

    Thank goodness you all survived. I bet years from now the kids will talk in amazement about their experiences.


    1. 🤣😂 we all left in one piece but goodness even that was questionable at times. Great experience nonetheless ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

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