How to Knock-Out Postnatal Depression (Repost)

Postnatal depression is overlooked and it’s a thing that needs to be spoken on more. Mum’s need to be understood by their family and friends when they express that they’re feeling depressed. I can relate so well to you if this is something you’re dealing with right now. Because I’m fighting postnatal depression.

 “Yes, I have 3 healthy, beautiful kids and an amazing, supportive husband. However, I’m fighting postnatal depression. I can’t really pinpoint why……”

Written by Eve Antionette kiaku

Check out the full post Here! It’s most certainly a good read and honestly she reminds me so much of myself!

It’s a lovely reminder that us young mums are not alone in our thoughts and feelings and the more we discuss what is going on you’d be surprised how many others have had similar experiences.

Thank you Eve Antionette for being so transparent!

With Love

-L. X