Let Me Build A King

Let me build a King

Not like God made Adam no rib needed to build his Queen.

For I am here, in every sense of the matter. Facts. Reality. I am here.

So let me build a King….

Let me build a King by being his Queen, his confidant, his motivator, his rock.

The attention and affection he never received, and the words of motivation for him to succeed.

Let me build a King. A desire of ones true heart. Soul mates at best, infidelities at rest.

A King knows his position with his queen by his side.

A king who knows his role and stands within it with Pride

So let me build a King not for a moment at best

Let me build my King so I can lay my head upon his chest.

-L x

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3 Comments Add yours

    1. Thank you 🙏🏽❤️


  1. Elizabeth says:

    Or a Prince at least! LOL.


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