Bully My Daughter!…..I Think NOT!

Disclaimer: This post is deadly serious I apologise for the swearing, and the anger in this but The Devil is trying me today!

Let me start from the beginning…….My daughter joined a 1 week summer workshop where the children learn instruments or if they are already trained then learn songs to create a big show case in London.

This happens to be my daughters 2nd year and yesterday she comes over to me, rather emotional (without tears) and says “Mum? I think I’m being bullied…..”

Now I’ve just got back from a long day at work, this is the last thing I want to hear! But due to my own history of bullying which led to severe depression as a teenager, I take this shit extremely serious. She had my undivided attention……

She then proceeds to tell me that she was doing a kart wheel with her friend when she fell over…. So anyway 2 devil spawn, dirty, no home training, despicable older kids video recorded her falling and posted it to FUCKING INSTAGRAM! Why the fuck do they even have access to the shit?! And to humiliate my kid like that!

But wait……THEN! They deliberately pushed the steel pan aiming to hit her, which it in fact hit her in her head! Along with giving dirty looks, being horrible, making comments….. Get the fuck out of here!


My mental stability might be in question here… If it’s wasn’t…. It might be now! ……………..

I don’t see children here…. I see delinquent humans not limited to or excluded by age but in fact grown enough to take a holy fly kick……

My current thoughts:

  1. I don’t look like Shamaya’s mum, I could pose as her older sister or something and catch them outside”
  2. I give my daughter permission to handle her shit. She has free-reign on the mother-fuckers faces (If they touch her she better finish it!)
  3. “Who fucking raised these kids? There’s been a fuckup here! Dear Lord…… The humans of the world would like a refund! Please and Thank you…..”
  4. “They say it takes a village to raise a child….. Send them fucking kids to me….I can help them…….”
  5. Shamaya is a kind and gentle child (she ain’t made for street life) but with secondary’s school approaching in a few weeks she needs to prepare for this! I gotta teach this girl how to handle herself and those that try to bully her!

Off to go do Boss-Ass Mum Shit…………….

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. That’s terrible. How could kids so young bully?! That’s terrible! I hope your daughter and you get this situation resolved because who knows how many other kids got bullied by the older ones?! I praise your daughter for having enough courage to tell you she’s getting bullied! You’re raising her right!


  2. Elizabeth says:

    Where were the adults at this camp?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They were there, kids can be sneaky. Luckily we got it sorted in the end and the kids were excluded x

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Elizabeth says:

        Oh that is a relief.


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