10 Things That Make Me An Amazing Mother

So I thought I’d switch it up a bit and write about why I think I’m pretty great at Motherhood. Sometimes, I get so consumed in what I’m not doing as a mother that I forget to give myself props for what I actually do get right. So here I go….

10 things that make me an amazing Mother:

  1. I am a fun mum, Everywhere can be our playground and if they’re getting down and dirty….So am I.
  2. I’m understanding, my children are not perfect and I wouldn’t want them to be. They do bad things, make mistakes, embarrass the heck out of me. But I get it…..they are just kids!
  3. I’m soo cool 😎. Yes I said it! I’m cool, I’m trendy, I look like my daughters “big sister”and she loves it. Right now I’m using this to my advantage! Don’t know how cool she will find it when she’s in secondary school and we rock up to parents evening matching!
  4. My children are well-behaved and well mannered (95% of the time)
  5. I always put my children first.
  6. I know each child’s personality. I know what they like from what they don’t. I know when something is wrong even if they don’t say. I’ve worked out majority of the triggers for their bad behaviour.
  7. I attend EVERY appointment that can help with my oldest sons difficulties even if it means 3 appointments spaced out in the day plus the school runs, cooking and cleaning.
  8. I am always showing my kids affection.
  9. I know how to discipline them. I can be very serious and very strict if need be and I’m proud of that. I’m not their friend I’m their mother….
  10. I love them with every inch and fibre of my being they give me purpose to life. Because of them I am truly living.

So guy, these are my 10 reasons for why I feel I rock at motherhood.

I hope you enjoyed this post, why not join in! Even if you’re not a blogger or into social media much…why not jot a few things down about why your an amazing mother! Let’s sprinkle some positivity!

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    My daughter is 42, and she gave me a mug for Christmas that said “My mother was right about everything.” LOL. You are a great mom.

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  2. I love your 10 things, and you’re right we look at the things we are doing negatively all the time that we forget to appreciate the positives. Love it!

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    1. Thank you hun, xxx

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