I Think I Want Another Baby 👶

Ok let’s emphasise on the word “Think”

So timing wouldn’t actually be right and well I don’t have a husband *cough cough,

I don’t have a boyfriend, friend with benefits…I could go on…

Anyway, maybe it’s this desire I have to do things properly that is igniting this want for another baby. I want to breastfeed again. I want to go through labour again and hold a wet screaming newborn in my arms. I want to experience it all again. But this time, with the feeling of security and love in my relationship and family life. Marriage is essential…. Love is Essential…. Happiness is essential.

Bare in mind I have a good 10-12 child bearing years left in me but let’s be honest I have no intention of having any kids past 30 and I’m 28 now with 3 kids and single.

I can’t see it happening. But the love and desire is there to open up my heart further. The circumstances would need to be right too.

For the meantime I’m really enjoying the kids, they are soo much fun now at 10, 5 and 4! We all get up to mischief and we all make the best out of our situation.

Wouldn’t another Rosebuds Kid be Cute though?

Have you been broody?… if so…How did you combat it ?

-L x

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7 Comments Add yours

  1. Another little one would be so cute!!! I have a 4 year old and a year and a half old and I already have baby fever ugh lol

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    1. At least I’m not alone here 🤣

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      1. Indeed you’re not. Haha

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  2. Ria says:

    How did you mention to be a single mother of 3 children?

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      1. Ria says:

        I had to ask. I’m going to be 7 months pregnant this month and I don’t have a job while living with my family who refuses to help me to raise this child. So I’m like freaking out here.

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      2. No no don’t freak out! Some how it will all workout, I don’t know if you have Instagram but feel free to PM me there if you fancy a chat! @mommy_rosebuds xx


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