My Most Useful Breastfeeding Tool

So I figured….. Whats the point in having a Blog…. being a ”blogger” but not actually talking about things I actually know a lot about like breastfeeding?!

Breastfeeding can be tough and whoever lied and said its easy and a piece of cake down right lied or had that easy baby that latched on perfectly, suckled like a dream and had a milk supply that could feed the thousands….

Yep….. This was not me!

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I struggled as much with breastfeeding as I did with maintaining a decent milk supply. In the early days when my milk first came in it was perfect…. I had lovely full boobies. But those lovely full boobies were accompanied by extremely sore and damaged nipples. Well not long later did I find out my baby was tongue tied…….

To get me through my dark days of bleeding nipples the only way i could successfully feed my baby was to ensure that he had my expressed breastmilk as a top up…… Now i’m not anti-formula, I believe there are cases where it is absolutely necessary to help a mum and baby in need and especially with 2 out of 3 kids of mine being tongue-tied they both had the odd formula bottle. With Mini Muffin he had a formula feed a few hours after birth and Amzah actually had top ups for the first week until we noticed he had a dairy allergy! We wondered why he seems so uncomfortable and broke out in a dreadful rash, I even remember thinking it was me that was the problem .

So anyway, I wanted to give the boys the best I had to offer so i purchased an electric breastpump to help support my breastfeeding goals. Now breastfeeding and pumping whilst giving the bottle of expressed breastmilk is not for the faint-hearted when sleep deprivation is involved and it was tough!

Regardless my useful breastfeeding tool and my partner in feeding became my Electric breast pump and i’ll explain why.

  1. It allowed me to give my baby my milk, when I couldn’t breastfeed
  2. Pumping gave me more flexibility as it meant someone else could feed the baby or if I needed to run errands I didn’t have to take the baby with me .
  3. I used it to increase my milk supply which had dropped significantly as the tongue-tie had affected the amount of milk the baby was actually getting therefore it resulted in a massive drop in my supply. Pumping helped get me back on track.
  4. It allowed me to see exactly how much my baby was getting. Especially Mini Muffin who had breathing difficulties from birth and had terrible weight gain.

Disclaimer: I am a Lactation Consultant but this post is not a professional post and is merely to discuss what worked for me personally if you want me to discuss more about breastfeeding on the blog in a professional capacity, be sure to let me know in the comments. x

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