Motherhood Looks Like This!

If you’ve read my post I’m Exhausted and it’s making me ill you’ll be aware of my current health issues where I’ve been suffering with high blood pressure. As as per request of the GP I had to do a 24 hour blood pressure test to gain a better picture of what’s happening.

Well it just so happened that, that day wound up being a normal stressful day at work and at home and my blood pressure was high throughout my waking hours. That evening though had a little extra spice added though, as mini muffin was sick with a fever which I had been struggling to get down for a day prior.

I think at that moment I was shattered. I’d taken a beating from work and the kids and I just switched off for a moment.

The reality of being a single mother

Gosh I feel like that term has been permanent fixed to sit in front of mother as if to haunt me. But I suppose it is what it is right.

Well on a plus note my blood pressure lowers when I’m asleep which is good.

I shall sleep all day! That way I’ll protect my heart 🤷🏽‍♀️

Mini Muffin is better now which I’m most grateful for and well we’re back grinding as if nothing ever happened.

Until Next Time

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  1. God bless you mommyrosebuds, I know it’s hard. My mom was a single mom. My father was killed in an accident leaving her with six kids to raise on her own. I was twelve – next to the oldest. Still a child, but old enough to see how it impacted her. I love my mom and am so grateful for her strength and courage. Hang in there. You are in my prayers.


    1. Your mom is amazing. And I’m complaining about my struggles with 3. Being a single mom is tough but it becomes terrifying when your unwell. Thanks soo much for stopping by and having me in your prayers 😘🙏

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      1. I have no doubt you’re amazing too! We all have rough seasons. Give yourself a break.

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  2. Elizabeth says:

    Do they have any ideas about lowering your blood pressure that don’t involve you giving up your primary role as mother. I sure hope so.


    1. Just the usual, eat well, exercise more, mind you I go gym 3x a week now and still struggling with the bp x

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      1. Elizabeth says:

        It is stress based, I am sure and you can’t really quit your life. So I hope some medicine will help in the meantime.


  3. You are amazing and things will get better !


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