Thoughts On Being A Manager

I very rarely talk about my job for the NHS now this is because I try extremely hard not to have my personal life collide with my professional life but I just wanted to touch on what being a Mum and a Manager has been like for the past 9 months.

To gain a Managerial position in the NHS is pretty tough and especially as a single mamma I’ve not had the easiest transition. There’s been so much to learn in a short space of time. For the most part I actually love my job and love my team. I’ve been blessed to work with an enthusiastic bunch of colleagues who are open to change and developing our service.

I don’t often say this but there is literally something special about each member of my staff and I can literally see this spark in each of them.

I also enjoy the different personalities, it’s been interesting watching myself adapt to each person. For the most part I think I’ve taken the approach of being fair and approachable not to say I’m trying to be everyone’s best friend but I certainly don’t want to be the manager that everyone hates and avoids.

From many different jobs I’ve experienced good Managers and bad Managers and I literally treat all staff the way I would want to be treated. I am very mindful that to many working mums (like myself), their job is their only break from parenting and i feel it should be an enjoyable experience.

I literally go above and beyond to try and keep my team happy. I’m not even sure they know how much I value them, nor am I about to get soppy and have a team meeting to tell them but so far I’ve been lucky.

Being a mum and a Manager I do find more challenging. I’m exhausted all the time because when I get home there’s still work to do. It’s tough and the kids don’t complain (although sometimes I wish they would). I would say it’s taken about 6 months to finally feel like I understand what is expected of me and I reckon in total a year to feel comfortable as a manager and settled as a mum. Each week I’m getting better. My kids are engaging with me more ❤️

What’s your thoughts on Managers or being a Manager? Any Tips??

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    1. Thanks for reading ❤️

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      1. No problem check out my blog when you get the chance😀


  1. On being a manager? Be clear about what you want. And then be nice about it. I reckon that’s about the best way to approach (I’m the head of a Pricate sector HR dept)


    1. I definitely think I try and be nice about everything. I realised I get better results. Do you ever feel guilty when you have to be the bad guy?

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      1. No, because even then I try to be decent about it. But it took me a while to get that mind set.


      2. I suppose there’s always a right way to handle things and you seem to have it running smoothly. Thanks for the advice ❤️


  2. Elizabeth says:

    Congratulations on becoming a manager with all your other responsibilities and challenges at home. I think you might enjoy a blog kept by a manager in social services in the United States. She has written quite often about being a supervisor. She writes about once a week, so it isn’t overwhelming to follow. Her blog is “Water for Camels
    Encouragement and Development for Social Workers and Those with a Mission of Helping Others Hope you find her writing helpful and uplifting.


    1. Thanks so much Elizabeth, I’ll check her out, I’m sure I’ll find it helpful 😊
      Happy new year! Hope you’ve had a wonderful start! X

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  3. Always expect the worse on each day. Most important prepare youself for that day. Prep in any industry shows how good the days go. If you care in what you do your rewards will be far greater than you expect. Being noticed feels amazing. Stand up for yourself because you know yourself better than anyone


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