Happy 11th Birthday Shamaya

Retrospect 8th December

This day is the definition of who I am, this day is where it all began

My achievements are because of today. The way my heart beats is because of today. My survival is because of today. The love I have Is because of today.

I woke up feeling anxious this morning- anxious because that was the feeling I felt 11 years ago. The secret I never told. The fear I pretended I never had.

Today I became a mother. Your were born into the world with prayer. We all prayed as you were entering this world. The most sacred of births. I was young and didn’t know what I was doing. I never prayed for you like that again. But I will today.

Today is different, it marks a new cycle, I don’t see the baby or the child I grew, I see a young lady. Beautiful, taller than me, amazing and genuine. You are growing and I am blessed.

You and I were paired to do this thing called life together. You joined my life before adulthood and became the driving force of destiny.

I know it’s your day, but it’s also my day, my day to remember that God took favour upon me and blessed me in my darkest days. My day to remember that you are a product of love and passion. My day to remember that you are my saviour.

Today Shamaya, it is your birthday, you are 11. This day is our day to celebrate you, to enjoy this day to the fullest. To remember this day when your older. To remember my undying, unconditional love for you.

You are my world

Happy 11th Birthday ❤️🌹

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Happy Birthday to your lovely daughter.


    1. Thanks Elizabeth xx 😘


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