Celibacy Does Not = Immediate Husband

So Not to long ago i was away on a business trip, and I’m in the hotel room and it’s bloody cold! So I’m hiding under the covers before I have to go….

On my way to the hotel you can imagine my thought pattern….. “If I wasn’t SINGLE.”….. let’s just say I’d take full advantage of the kids not being around. But bottom line is, I’m Single…Very Single….. (Pent up anger, sexual frustration and a missed opportunity kinda annoyance right now)

Anyway, I’m pretty sick and tired of being alone, I guess. This whole waking up alone malarkey got me thinking….

“Celibacy does not equal an immediate husband nor does it guarantee a relationship without divorce”

I’m still a firm believer in the benefits of celibacy in a relationship and having a God centred relationship but I can’t ignore the fact that people change over time. Couples still get divorced and breakups happen to couples waiting. No one is immune from heart-break… No one……

Celibacy is a B*tch

Yep I said it! Celibacy is an old miserable lady who probably never got a little taste of coitus in her life……Sucking the fun out of intimacy.

Celibacy in a relationship is no fun either. Like for real, that emotional connection you get to your significant other is crazy…. the soul tie without the need for sex! Now don’t get me wrong, a celibate relationship is beautiful at the best of times and constantly intense but when lust comes out to play, it’s confusing and frustrating.

But I have to be realistic, you can’t rush into marriage with someone with the contributing factor being to avoid sinning by having sex. In my opinion it can leave you vulnerable to a divorce, or at the very least unhappy in your marriage because not enough time was spent getting to know each other. Then, what about those women bargaining with God that if they practice the wait they will be married to “The Onewithin the next 6 months.

“You don’t always get what you want, when you want it” I been bargaining with the big man for years.

I get the impression it’s not my time…..

Leah 😐(with kids…own home…car…career….take care of you and yo momma)

I’m kidding 😉

Whats Your thoughts?

Comment below xxx

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  1. erhynireh says:

    I feel you, girl.


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