I Get Anxiety When I Go Out With My Kids

Almost 11 years deep into being a mother and I still have difficult days. As I take steps further and further into parenting with maya, I’ve noticed that whilst I’ve been a parent for over a decade now and I’m still learning. I still have fears and I still worry. It’s funny but when it comes to the boys (5 and 3). It’s almost like all previous experiences I’ve had as a mother are disregarded. It’s literally all new all over again. I often forget that they really are different and that not all my parenting techniques work the same as they did with Shamaya.

Last week, I really began to feel as though I wasn’t being a great mum, the 6 weeks holidays had come to an end and to be honest I’d barely done anything with the kids. I can’t really blame it on work either. Yes…I was tired, but again that wasn’t the reason we stayed at home. The truth was, I was really terrified to take them out, unsure of how they would behave and how much I could cope with the drama that comes with taking 3 kids out on your own. So even when I had days off I stayed at home..

Anyway, so it just so happened that I was in Facebook as you do at first thing patiently waiting for the little patter of feet to become a full-blown stampede and I happened to see a video pop up about this exhibition in London which looked super cool. Especially for the kids as it seemed very sensory and interactive. So I plucked up the courage and booked 4 tickets to go. Starting in the next 3 hours….

Ok let’s be fair…. I didn’t exactly give myself much time to get out….but actually, in my mind I didn’t give myself much time to “Back out”.

Heading there wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. The kids were great on the train and even better at the exhibition! I guess maybe in my head the whole process of taking them out fairly far from home with no car to rely on was terrifying because all I kept thinking was every terrible eventuality, but in actual fact it was probably one of the best days we’ve had this year.

Have a look at our amazing day out On the video below.

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  1. Aleeya Azimulla says:

    Take baby steps! (:


    1. Thank you! Slow and steady. Xx

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      1. Aleeya Azimulla says:



  2. Elizabeth says:

    How wonderful that there was so many art exhibits that were interactive. Great work on getting everyone out of the house.


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