Mr Close and Mr Almost

Mr Close and Mr Almost

You have a different face everytime

You have the same intention

You have the same purpose

Like eat, sleep, repeat

I live, love and learn

But Mr Close, you had me confused like Mr Almost but this lesson was sweeter

This lesson gave fruit for thought though epic situations

Love and devotion that could heal a nation.

Hope that this is; I will and do to fulfill that love vibration.

Oh Mr Close- you favoured Mr Almost so well I nearly lost myself

Mr Close you gave me a love I never knew existed you gave me a taste of the fruit from the trees of heaven

Igniting my self worth, setting a fire alight in my heart that once died.

See Mr Close you had a purpose you were sent to heal me from Mr Almost.

A temporary measure to keep me company at night

Whilst the lord untied my heart to prepare me to meet Mr Just Right.

ⓒ All rights reserved

After a break up we tend to find it hard to move on, we think about all the lovely memories we made with that person. The joy we had and the love that is now lost. When you change your perspective it helps the healing.

What if… your encounter with that person was merely to help move you forward in an aspect of your life?

Because ideally we all want a “life partner” we want to meet the “one” right? But we keep on getting “Seasonal partners” These intense momentary relationships that don’t seem to last long and in some cases, cause us to loose faith as we add another failed relationship to our imaginary list. These “Seasonal partners” also have a purpose.

Within every encounter there is a lesson to be learnt. And quite frankly if you don’t learn and experience something’s from your seasonal partner then your eyes might not be open wide enough to see Mr/Mrs Right when he/she is in front of you.

Have a blessed day


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Image by: Tanja Heffner from Unsplash

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Elizabeth says:

    When kids are little they have “transitional objects” like teddy bears to take to day care to ease the separation from Mommy. I think we have transitional men for the same reason. Nice post.


    1. Hahahaha “transitional men” permission to use that that term for an upcoming blog post 😂😂😂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Elizabeth says:

        Absolutely fine by me!


  2. Sheraz jan says:

    Very good article.thanks for sharing.
    Keep up the good work


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