Well I’ll be damned 😳

Someone’s Facebook post…. I do not own this photo..

Hmmm, I dunno how I feel about this one…. I mean I do believe that a Man should be a man and take care of his family but I just don’t see how any of this is realistic.

It says “should your Husband fall on hard times a wife should be Able and willing to pick up the pieces”

Well might someone please explain to me what on earth happens if the hard times extend longer than expected?

Some women are lucky enough to gain a good education before they settle down and if this is the case then by all means I can see this arrangement working… But in theory women take career breaks to have kids thus ending up a few years behind. Or graduating university then having kids before they even begin a career. Resulting in her first role during that hard time being entry/graduate level.

So Head Husband, can her salary cover you, the MORTGAGE, KIDS, BILLS and your Ass? I very much doubt it.

What I feel is complete nonsense is this post, it’s unrealistic to the current climate, it’s unrealistic about life in general. Women certainly should NOT be expected to stay at home and tend to the house and kids. Young girls should be inspired to get a great education, build amazing careers and settle down in happy secure relationships.

The bottom line is life NEVER goes the way we plan and if a mum really plays the role of a kept woman than what has she really done for herself? Raising kids is a great achievement but for me, it can’t be the only achievement…. I’ve seen cases where once the kids have moved out some mum’s start working to build their pension. I’m a firm believer that when I retire….I retire, it pains me to see those grannies working in Tesco’s and you know they might be working to top their pension. Or their Husband has passed away and she spent all her married years tending to others that she never done anything for herself so this little supermarket job is the highlight of her day.

That certainly couldn’t be the life I would lead nor would I welcome that life for my daughter. I believe a strong relationship is based on personal strengths being utilised to make it work to serve as an advantage. No relationship is easy but I just don’t agree in gender specific roles anymore.

But hay what do I know, I’m just the kinda woman that will be successful and work with my man for him to be successful if he’s not there yet. 🤷🏽‍♀️


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  1. Interesting. I’ve met a few women who believe the man is the caregiver and they’re home taking care of the children but eventually they decide they’re missing something and either go back to school or work part-time.

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  2. becmumma says:

    I’ve always sought out ‘partnership’ in my relationships, and aiming to be a team. Yes, when one of us is down or struggling the other should step up to take more of the load for awhile. But not to sacrifice the things that truly matter to us, because of ‘conventional ‘ expectations of how husband and wife should act. And realistically, not too many families now can enjoy modern comforts on just one income. Biology dictates that when it comes to babies women do have to step aside from their careers for awhile, but just how long for should be a choice and not an obligation to forgo career ambition and progression in order to become full time carer to kids.


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