Hello, is anyone out there?

Its cold out here, I’m cold but yet its 30 degrees in the shade. every thing i once knew to be has begun to fade.

My joy, my hope, feelings of affirmation, dedication and the glimmer of hope through motivation cease to exist and this has become my plea through desperation.

We are one Nation, but amongst all these lives it’s like i need rights to visitation just to get your attention. Words so hard to speak there’s not point to mention… The lifestyle and motivation tickets that i booked for that convention.

So is there any point to mention i havent seen my friend in four months and my family in 9. I guess we just don’t have the time, but yet i can sit here typing… stringing words together that rhyme. Then validate my reasonings with busyness and time…

Did you hear that line? Busyness and time, we move so fast in this world like we’ll receive a fine so we make excuses using responsibilities and Time and we never have to pay out a dime.

You know really, life’s not fair we have people suffering, the rich living in glass houses while others in despair. Lives are lost on a daily but people continue without care. Last night I made a prayer, something deep and personal, tears crying and forming a river breaking trough every layer that made me numb.

I guess the rule of thumb is to desensitize yourself for seeing a man with a gun. Seeing a man with a knife take a life knowing deep down hes carried a weapon only twice but this gave power enough to take a life.

This can’t be my sons! never will they take a life with a gun or feel the need to go on the run for something that they have done, only to sit in the docking stand mouthing

“I’m sorry mum!”

No wait! Life was supposed to be fun the only time we had to run was playing 44 home and knock down ginger and that never involved a gun!

I’m now a mum! my biggest role is protection and ensuring my sons know right from wrong through self-reflection.

But you see, it’s the trend of this world to idolize bigots and Instagram girls, rob 3rd world countries of diamonds and pearls and question the true intentions of the couples that swirl.

Its like really, do we have nothing better to do. could we not spare a thought for what others go through stop acting senseless and paying peekaboo. And take a second to consider, that if I were you, would I have the strength to walk a day in your shoes.




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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Really want to at least acknowledge the pain in this post, though I don’t have an adequate response. Just know that I accept that your life is challenging and yet you are getting through it and raising great kids.

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    1. Thanks Elizabeth x

      Liked by 1 person

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