Hidden Reality: Writing Reviews For Companies

Now, let’s get things straight! I like collaborations with companies, majority of the time…..

Couple years back when my blog was new I started getting contacted by companies to review their products. Now don’t get me wrong, it felt absolutely amazing, I honestly felt like finally, my writing talents are being recognised, this could be something big! Little did I know what really happens with some of these companies…..

They make you feel super talented and desired.

Truth be told, chances are that you are quite talented and you have a great SEO so your blog post will come up top of the list in a search engine when their name is typed in google for a review. The bottom line is companies use blogs for promotion. Big blogs, Small blogs doesn’t really matter it’s social media marketing and advertising. If I can’t get the big bloggers/vloggers with 200k followers to answer my email let alone review my product. I’ll email 100 small blogs asking to Review my product. Chances are; an upcoming active blog which posts daily is more likely to have a few thousand views per month. Get a few willing bloggers and wallah! You have thousands of people checking out your products through the follow backs and links and what’s better! It’s FREE

No Pay

If you ask for payment the answer is usually “unfortunately we are not in the position to sponsor blog posts, but depending on the content of the blog this will be something we will be looking into in the near future” In other words your writing for them for free.

Social Media

If you ask if your blog post will be posted on their social media ie- Twitter, Facebook and Instagram the common answer you tend to receive is.

“Unfortunately I cannot give you a definite answer but what I can do is pass it on to our social media team for them to decide upon.”

Chances are you spend all your time writing the blog post, taking photos, editing and presenting this amazing review where you will include follow backs and links for you to not even get post recognition. Most of the companies looking for free reviews will have hundreds and thousands of followers but won’t post a single follow back or link to your page. Which of course is sad for the blogger who has put all the work in.

Don’t mention that they” contacted you unless you want to be hounded!

Word to the wise, unless you are a well known blogger or vlogger and charge for these posts, companies don’t want potential customers to know they reached out to you. In fact, they want no affiliation with you whatsoever hence why your not plastered over their social medial. I can promise you that if you wrote “I was contacted by …………… to do a review on their new product”. Within 24 hours you will have an email saying. “hi, we absolutely love you post, the way you portrayed us was amazing and very professional. Might I make a small suggestion …..would you be able to rephrase “I was contacted by……….. to ….I was inspired by……” Then, in the end they write….let me know what you think? As if you have a choice! They will hound you to change it, even mention that they would like to forward it to their social media team once the changes are made. Yeah right!

You are a representation of them

If they no longer want a small blogger to represent their company/product they will contact you months to come asking you to remove the post. After all your hard work!

Now, don’t get me wrong, I own my own company, I know the importance of reviews, follow backs/links and Word of mouth promotion BUT, I’m also a writer/ blogger and I also know how much work is put into these posts to receive no recognition.

Obviously , I have to write a disclaimer:

Dear Companies, I would love, love, loooovee to write reviews for you black-and-white-person-feeling-smiling.jpg

6 months post publish…

Leah x

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    My daughter had warned me about this. A lot of bloggers have their sites plastered with ads. Now I know why.

    Liked by 1 person

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