I pretend that being a single mum is easy….It’s really Not!

Anyone who follows my Snapchat or Instagram sees this woman. ⬇️

This amazing, career driven mother, with clearly enough money to support these kids. A lovely home and a secure job and runs her own Consultancy Company. My kids appear soo funny and perfect, cute smiles and perfect little outfits with a snapchat filter to hide the boogers.

<<<<<<The truth is……This is hard work, really hard work, almost mentally breaking at times and energy draining. Now before I continue I have to put a little disclaimer for those readers who may feel “kids are a blessing, and I’m lucky to have them and I shouldn’t be complaining” Now all the above is true……..I love my kids, they are amazing kids full of character and personality. But; that doesn’t t mean that this is easy, that doesn’t mean that I don’t have it rough some days. That doesn’t change the fact that I’m doing it alone!

Anyway, back to where I’m going with this……In theory, I’ve been a single mother for a good long while now, practically majority of my years being a mother…..And all I can say is this is tough.  I think the worst thing about it is the loneliness. Those chilly winter nights where the patter of feet has faded and the kids are asleep. That’s hard….. Nobody prepares you for life as a single parent but when faced in the situation you’d just get up and go! Some how you wake up the next day and go at it again.

BUT! What about that night when you look on Facebook and Jenny from school maths class is in Barcelona with her fella and they look perfect. Or the time when you see a group of your friends out for dinner on snapchat. And your thinking, maybe my invitation got lost in the post or maybe they just didn’t invite me because I’ve got nobody to watch the kids.

Most days it’s a struggle. If it’s not over the TV it’s over bedtime. Shouting out ”clean up your toys!” , Screaming out and cursing every word under my breath after stepping on Lego (I hate lego) The constant removal of poop stains from the toilet bowl and streaks off the walls. It’s exhausting 🤢😩😐 It’s been 4 years since I had a good nights sleep. And whenever I’m lucky enough to get a break it almost feels like I’ve wasted my time catching up on sleep or watching box sets on Netflix. Even with the odd occasion of free time I’m never free you always got to be 100 miles ahead.

Being a single mum is expensive! Oh my gosh, obviously I wasn’t prepared for this, and I’m sure no mum makes it’s her goal to be a single mum, but having to cover everything from the household and food to nursery fees and trips is hard work. Even though I make ends meet having a two parent household would definitely reduce a lot of that stress.

Disciplining the kids it’s hard, mainly because your always the bad guy! Always! And you have nobody to back you up, I’m always out numbered! The most common question I get when people find out I have 3 kids is “How do you do it?” The only answer I can give back is “I don’t know”……. The only thing I do know, is that it’s hard and exhausting. I know it won’t be like this forever, and that’s why I just carry on because it does get easier. I know that for a fact. I’m just tired of giving off this impression that this is easy and I got it covered when truth be told I’m just muddling through like every other single mother out here.

I wear my super mum cape and I wear it proudly, parenting is hard work and us single mums just trod on like a boss with a smile on our faces. Hiding the truth. We don’t choose this path unless it’s for the best and with that choice we have other troubles to fight with but guaranteed, we love our kids endlessly.

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    I used to get Christmas letters bragging about life. Years later, I learned the truth. I worked with a woman who bragged about her sex life. Turns out she had made it all up. I learned recently that a young woman who always posted great pictures of her friends learned that one was having an affair with her husband! Of course your life is hard and good and lonely and funny and challenging and rewarding. So are most lives. Love across the ocean to you.


  2. This is so relatable! I’m not doing this alone, and it is. So. Hard. I really don’t know how all of you single moms keep it together!!

    I really relate to your “disclaimer” about how you can love your kids and still want time alone, or the chance to vent frustrations. Keep it up momma, you are doing great!

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  3. Definitely needed to read this! It’s so hard, and you’re right, there’s no choice but to put on that cape and do it all again tomorrow. Sounds like you’re doing an amazing job x

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    1. Thank you soo much for reading x


  4. luciasimone says:

    Love the real ness! So true don’t let social media fool you.. I’m covered in crumbs and smell like vomit 99.9% of the time lmao

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    1. Thanks girl! What’s your Instagram x

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      1. luciasimone says:

        Luciasimone__ xx


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