Ramblings of a Depressed Teen #1

Hey all,

This is the start of a new series on my blog where I am Sharing with you poetry entries from my diary over 10 years ago. I wont say much more than this, but even looking back it highlights some important issues, that many teens face… Some of these have no title but for today we will call this. Knowing you can Feel me

Now bare in mind this is a real experience and my true feelings at 15? Tell me… Who do you think i’m writing to/about? , What happend to them? and Where are they? Comment below!  Like and of course Follow to keep up with this series.




In my world we life a perfect life

In my world you can only access at night

So on and on I dream of you,

Images so clearly,

and so i open my eyes, tears descend knowing you can feel me.

Your touch, your kiss, your loving is superior in my world.

Our World

our secret place

Our freedom,

Until day breaks and its time to awake

Knowing you can feel me.

I feel you almost every night

your warm, your real,

and our emotions are right

and so now put your hands upon this paper

My heart, my soul, my tears, my words

Knowing you can feel me.

Tears descend from my eyes

like a million rain drops

and i know it does yours inside

I thought we’d be together forever!

but forever changed to never.

Your far from me,

I wish i could touch you but i cant,

your far away from me,

I want to hold you and tell you how i feel

But we know that’s impossible

That was just a memory,

we were just a memory

Until now

were so close yet so far away

So i pray for you everyday

Hoping you can feel me….

Knowing you can feel me…..

Leah x

(All rights reserved)


One Comment Add yours

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Wow! I have no idea who this dream lover is, but I am intrigued.


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