Poem To My Future Husband 

I didn’t do it, I didn’t plan to fall in love, I didn’t plan for you to be the one, sent by an angel from above

Like a bullet, in a gun I didn’t plan for you to be the one.

I spoke to God last night,

I spoke to him about my King, my Husband. The link to my ring, my rib and comforter, my Life.

I asked God am I worthy to be a wife? Can I give him what he needs? Can I protect him from harms way? If he cuts can I bleed? Can I take his pain away? Destroy his fears and have love appear in its place?

Again and again I say the same prayer because somewhere, somehow you are there.

What if? What if I’m wrong? What if Its just another sad love song.

Leading to smoking nights and sexy thongs…. Leading to any man who can get on…….

Inside I’m pleading because this is wrong, but deep down all I wanted was a place to belong.
So I didn’t do it, I didn’t plan to fall in love but it looks like God will join us from above….

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  1. poohzack1976 says:

    That was so dope…

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  2. Thank you soo much x


  3. emotionsoflife2016 says:

    Well express

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      1. emotionsoflife2016 says:

        My pleasure


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