5 Annoying Things My Kids Do! 

I love my kids, I mean look at those faces! Who couldn’t love em’ aye’? But honestly they can be a pain in the ass with somethings. So I thought why not share my wonderfully exhausting experiences on this wacky road of parenting.


This has happened soo many times now and it drives me nuts! The worst thing is my 3 year old is the main culprit. Instead of just asking, he will physically get the thing he wants out of the freezer and not close it back or jam one of the draws so it won’t close. The amount of food I’ve had to throw out is a JOKE!


This FOOLISHNESS is no joke! It’s kind of bad because as a kid I did it to my own mother thinking I was clever! I’d hide food under my bed, down the creases of the sofa. I’d even spit food in the napkin and shove it in my pocket. (Don’t ask me why I never put it in the bin!) So I guess it’s only fitting I receive the same back right?? 

WRONG! I have no intentions to provide food and shelter to rodents thanks! 🐭🐁🐀


Hmm,  don’t get me started on this one! If you have read my post why I avoid house guests. It will give you a better idea of my personality. I’m not a domestic goddess nor do I ever want to be. Heck if I could afford one I’d have a cleaner! I honestly get NO joy out of cleaning (I do it because I have to, not because I want to) So to have all my hard work destroyed in 10 minutes is like a kick in my teeth. So much so, that I’ve become Sargent Drill Major, even 19 month old Mini Muffin knows that he’s to put his toys away after he’s finished! 


Shamaya, Shamaya, Shamaya! It’s official! She’s from another planet! No pep in her step, no urgency! No consideration for time. Getting dressed is a joke! 10 minutes per shirt button! Daydreaming……Temporary hearing loss when im shouting to hurry up! She makes me late EVERYWHERE! I’m obviously going to have fun when she’s a teenager!


I should start by saying, we have always lived in private rented accommodation and none of the properties I’ve had have had locks on the door and of course I cant modify any of it due to the tenancy so here we are! 

9 years strong of no privacy! 9 Years! That’s a long time! A very long time to have kids walking in on you….asking you what your doing, can i come in too? Whats that?….I could go on…..

Theres no open door policy in my house, believe me. Just a bunch of kids who conveniently like to p*ss and Sh*t when im in the bath! 

Tell me! What annoying things do your kids do to you?

Lots of love

Leah x

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  1. kphoenix1 says:

    Oh, I feel your pain. My daughter like to ask for something then when I slaved over the stove, she changes her mind. She does this all the time! Lol. Or, messed up her room and demanded I cleaned it up. Lol.

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    1. Lmao story of my life hun! Hope ur all good bbe xx

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  2. poohzack1976 says:

    I know this pain all too well…Keep fighting the good fight!!!

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    1. Haha I’m trying!


  3. My little one 3 gets up in the middle of the night and gets herself a drink. she likes to get her “milkshakes” That are kept in the draw of the fridge. A few mornings I have found it stuck open and the fridge open. I go to bed so late that I know it hasn’t been open long at all so far we have been lucky and not had to throw anything away. Now I open one leave it on the shelf so she can just open it get it and put it back.

    Mine know better than to leave the food under the couch or hide it I will lose it on them so fast I do not want bugs. But they have a habit of dropping their food off their plates or spilling their plates from not watching what they are doing. Then wanting more. It makes me so mad the food they waste. Now their plates are put on the table and they better watch what they are doing or they can go to bed for dumping food because they were playing when they should be eating.

    Thank God we have locks on the doors but I did have a bedroom in one house that didn’t have a door and the other house the door didn’t have a lock. The first house I didn’t have kids but the little boy a babysat lived next door. I have looked up a few times and caught him at the door when me and my husband at the time was in there. I had to make sure my front door was locked to keep him out. The other door I had kids I found something to sit in front of the door so they couldn’t get in. It was also a glass door you could see through so nice. I got a curtain that stayed up to covered it then sat something in front of it when I didn’t want them to come in. Maybe you could get one of them door props that go right under the edge of the door to keep them open. Put it under the door when you go in they shouldn’t be able to push it open then. It is small would lay right behind the door out of the way when not in use.

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    1. That’s a good idea the door prop. I’m going to need to try that although I’m sure they would just scream and bang the door down but it’s worth a try. Worst case scenario is child protection turn up thinking they’re being abused from the screaming! Could u imagine lmao!

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      1. yes mine stand outside the door and talk to me since they can’t get in. Sometimes I answer other times I just ignore and they go away. I could see someone showing up because of them screaming that would be my luck why I don’t live in apartments. My kids are to loud I be getting calls all the time. Here no one hears anything if they do they ignore it. Good and bad thing about living in a house sometimes.

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  4. Elizabeth says:

    “Close the back door! “Close the back door!” I want a little robot that says this for me. Or “Don’t slam the back door! Don’t slam the back door!” 😜😜

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    1. I’m sure if u had a robot they’d still ignore it lmao! Worth a try though. Luckily when they have kids they will see how annoying it is. Lmao. X


      1. Elizabeth says:


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  5. calmandwild says:

    Thought my kids were the only ones who didn’t believe in privacy! Seriously counting down the days till those 2 grow up and move out just so I can PEE by myself! Lol

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  6. kianderson09 says:

    kids are very joyful.

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    1. Indeed they are. We all love our kids very much. All the best and thanks for stopping by😊


  7. OMG! I totally agree, my kids are the same way!


  8. newsinglemum says:

    By this point I’ve given up trying to have a wee alone 😂 my little one likes to pick what we have for dinner then refuse to eat it x

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  9. Maybe I'll Shower Today says:

    Kids, they drive you crazy, but we love them all the same.

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  10. We certainly do! And having kids definitely keeps us young! Secretly I annoy my kids just as bad! Thanks for stopping by 😊


  11. Lol, this gave me a good laugh. My 21 month old opens the fridge a lot but luckily, she always closes it back. The messy house thing I can relate to all the way. I don’t know how it happens but I does. Even with just five toys on the ground stuff seems to multiply and look a hot mess in minutes!

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  12. Nat Blossom says:

    Ha! I love ’10 minutes per shirt button’. So funny yet so true! Great post xx

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    1. Thank you Nat! Yes I’m not exaggerating! She really does take ages to get ready 🙈

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