Guest post! Types of boys in relationships

Hi all please welcome my lovely little sister Gabbie who wrote a post to feature on my blog.


During this crazy teenage life I’ve been going through, i’ve learnt so much and one key thing I believe I’ve learnt is that there is many different types of boys in relationships.
Disclaimer for ma mamma:

Mamma, I’ve never had a boyfriend and all that you read is information gained from market research. I.e  girlsfriends that have had boyfriends to male friends changing once they become someones “BAE” .

In this blog takeover I’ll be discussing the different types of boys in relationships. I hope you enjoy this blog and Happy reading.

The annoying type
This type loves you to bits but finds it amusing to have ‘banter’ at the wrong times . Not only that but he’ll say things that will make you feel more insecure than you already feel. However they don’t mean to do this as they love you and believe your the most beautiful girl in the whole milky way galaxy.

The loving type
This type of boyfriend is the most amazing boy ever. God made him without imperfections. He tells you how he feels all the time and makes you feel like ” your worth it”. This is the best boyfriend and if you cheated on him he’ll still love you because your his Queen..

The possessive type
This is the type of  boyfriend that will feel a way even if you say hello to another dude. He just about let’s you say hi to his friends at his birthday gathering and makes sure any boy that tries to slide in the Dm’s knows that you have a boyfriend and that your practically married to him and only him….. FOREVER. However this boy is wonderful at times as you know you’ll always be safe In their arms.

The up his ass type
This type of boyfriend is always up his own ass. He believes that he’s always right . Not only that, but when your getting ready to go out there’s no point in even trying to do your make-up in the house because every mirror you try to go to he’ll have his face over it trying to put his hair in the right angle of 56 degrees. Talk about annoying!

The sexy type
This type is the most saucy type of boy you’ll meet. He’s romantic and is the best “Controlla” in town.Also he’s surely to have a 8 pack.

The funny type
This type is also there to make you smile when the day probably hasn’t been your best. He makes jokes from anything and always makes you laugh until you cry . Funny Boyfriends we Salute you.!!!!!

The always angry type
These boys are also known to be the uh-oh type. By saying the slightest joke you might end up having a “Drake and Brezzy fight” in your apartment. You’ve self diagnosed him with Bipolar because every time you joke about with him your close to having an overblown argument. #LordPleaseSaveHimForMe

The sweet type
This type is so sweet you might as well book the whole family dentist appointments because of how sweet he is. Everyone in the family loves him and your surely to know that butter will never melt in his mouth . Mum loves him , He helps Dad with DIY, him and you brother always play GTA with each other, sister loves the fact he cares for you and is a great babysitter. He’s more a part of the family then you.

The “religious” type
Last but not least this boy will persuade his family church is the only thing in his life while he’s secretly planning on telling one of his ” hoes ” to meet him in the church yard . However why are we surprised he’s probably the preachers son and they always say they’re the worst.

I hope you enjoyed this blog takeover, be sure to comment about a type you’ve come across before .

Gabbie xx

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  1. A wonderful post, Gabbie 😊


  2. Juliana says:

    Wonderful Post Gabbie also awesome blog

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    1. Thank you soo much Juliana xxz


  3. Anil Hudda says:

    Seriously? 8 packs?

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