My Adorable Terrible 2 year old


Hey all,
The week is coming to an end! Thank god!! This week has been hell and I still feel some of that negative residential energy floating around.
So let’s get straight to it! Looks like any day now I’m going to be admitted to a mental institute because these kids are driving me bonkers. Each one of them have been a challenge in their own way but especially my 2 year old. (3 in September)
Now, I know “boys will be boys” but c’mon! This kid is cray cray”
He’s so hyperactive and energetic and even in my tender age of 25 I can’t keep up with him. I’m soo exhausted nowadays that I’m in bed by 8.30pm and that’s even after my daytime nap! (Yep, I still take a daytime nap like a baby…been doing it since I was a kid! I get real moody if I don’t)
So let me tell you a few things that really cheesed me off this week.

1. Shit, shit and more shit! Like for flip sake why do my boys sh*t soo much, it stinks and I’m actually starting to gag at the sight!
2. Why does my 2 year old insist on stripping butt naked In the house? All the time!
3. What’s the point of cleaning if he’s just going to destroy everything!
4. I’m fed up of hearing about oranges!! Amzah is obsessed with them he’d eat a bag a day if I let him.
5. The meltdowns! Like c’mon must he behave like a complete nightmare because I haven’t put on Andy ‘s Dinosoar Adventures. Well to be honest he has a meltdown about everything theses days!
6. Bad behaviour is a b*tch and I intend on nipping in the bud. Funny how I have spent every oppertunity to do so this week and there’s been no change.
7. Guess how many times he’s run away this week…….6! SIX! Siiiiixx!  Six flipping times that he’s become Usain Bolt with a shot of “nutter” juice! Not funny!!…..Dangerous
8. Roar, roar, roooooaaarrr
This boy thinks he’s a dinosaur! Seriously. He even roars at random people, especially other kids. Majority of his vocabulary involves “dino-hore”
He breaths, eats and lives for dinosaurs. Like for real….Bernard Matthew dinosaurs, dinosaur clothing, all the episodes of every dinosaur programme available recorded and youtube as my backup when we’re out.
God help me if my battery dies because then I’m well and truly screwed!


This week has been a challenge, the same things happen everyday and to be honest it’s not particularly a bad week it’s a normal week in the Rosebud household. It’s just on this occasion it sucker punched me in the face and left a hefty migrane and an unhealthy dose of irritation.

On a plus note. He is finally potty trained and will use the toilet or potty at home or in public!!! Yay!
He is also making a bit more eye contact when he’s asking for things, and actually will interact with me when doing sensory activities. Talk about #milestones
He has also finally had he’s first development assessment with the peadiatrician after an almost 6 month wait since we highlighted our concerns to the health visitor at he’s 2 year old check.
I think once we find out more about him and the outcome of these assessments then I will do a proper post just based on him and the challenges we have faced.

Regardless of every bad point I have mentioned it has been weighed up with some good and adorable things that my special little boy has done. It’s not easy but I cope, after all that’s what mothers are here for! We can’t throw in the towel no matter how hard it gets!

I love him soo much, but I love him even more when he’s sleeping

Tell me, what are some of the most outrageous things your toddlers have done and what was your method of disipline and coping?

Love you all


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  1. harleykins6 says:

    My son will be 5 next month and he roars at random people like a dinosaur. He was completely obsessed with dinosaurs but I slowly introduced super heroes and he is getting better with that. I hear all the time ‘boys will be boys’ but I completely understand you. My son is so hyper all the time and I get so tired. Sometimes I feel like screaming but I don’t. Being a mom is definitely hard

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  2. Lmaoo you are so funny. You should do a vlogging channel on YouTube. My son is about to be 2 years old and I will have to agree that boys will be boys… My son climbs and jump off everything.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww thanks hun I have considered clogging actually but can u imagine getting my kids to co – operate! Omg it would be a mess but I’m sure funny 😂 no one warned me how hard boys are! X

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  3. You have beautiful kids

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    1. Awww thanks hun x

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